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 Chapter on Rules
 Posted: Oct 22 2013, 09:55 PM

It seems that I have been hurled In some dreaming state

I know we don't like rules but there are set so people can role play in a fun and safe environment.

  • We expect you to respect everyone on Dreams Don't Come True. If there is an issue please resolve the issue via PM - we don't want the whole site involved please. Involve a staff member if need be. If we feel that the issue hasn't been resolved we shall ban for a week. After that, it will be permanently if we see the same issue cropping up.
  • Absolutely no godmoding whatsoever. Godmoding is where you are controlling another player's character's actions without prior permission. I don't care if you're the Queen of Sheba, no means none at all. Also, no Powerplaying is allowed here. This is when someone doesn't play according with what's just happened. For example: John can't hit Bob without getting a punch or some proper reaction back
  • For every five Legends, one human is to be made
  • This is a mature site so be prepared for some violence, swearing etc. if you wish to do a mature thread, please put a [M] in the title so people know what to expect when reading the thread
  • All apps are to be completed within a week, unless a valid reason is given. If you are unable to complete the app and are deleted, you are welcome to reapply.
  • When writing posts, no one-liners. We'd like to see two to three solid paragraphs -- meaning six to eight lines per paragraphs. If you can write more than that, great! Remember to be as descriptive as you can. Let your imagination run riot as it were!
  • We would like one character per account.
  • When registering as a Legend, please stick to their Legend name, even if they are royalty.
  • There are canons available, but you don't have to take one if you don't want to, we also take OCs (original creations). Also, there will be want ads.
  • Disney or Once Upon a Time versions of the fairy tale character are not allowed. We are going by the original fairy tales, with twists, and also by the comic book series, Fables. You may glean info from them, such as names and characteristics but no Disney or Once Upon a Time versions.
  • Gods such as the Greek Pantheon etc are called an Embodiment, if you can fit them here. Two Embodiments cannot share the realm, unless they are twins.
  • We allow the children of Legends (not to be confused with Half-Legends) here, such as the Mad Hatter's daughter, for example.
  • We allow foreign fairy tales, some literary characters, nursery rhymes, embodiments of emotions concepts and variants of fairy tales on here.
  • You can make as many characters as you want, just be sure you can handle all of them. We don’t want to see a lot of inactive accounts.
  • I hope this doesn't upset anyone, but not all characters can have some kind of power. There are plenty of badass characters without powers and they cope just fine
  • There are no perfect characters, everyone has flaws and if the staff see a little mistake you will be asked to change it before your character is accepted.
  • We DO NOT want to see giant signatures/images, no huge pictures we don't need to make people scroll forever in a thread because of a giant picture. Plus it stretches the board and makes the layout look ugly
  • The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself here!

A tourist in the waking world Never quite awake
 Posted: Mar 21 2014, 02:19 AM

Rules regarding activity on the board

  • We have very simple and easy to follow rules concerning activity. If you post a minimum of three posts a month per character, you are considered active.
  • Every so often the board will have an activity check to gauge how many members are truly involved with their characters. If you do not adhere to the rules of the activity check, your characters will be deleted and you will have to start over from the beginning.
  • If you are going to be absent from the board for longer than a week's time, you must either post in the 'absences' subforum (found here) or pm a staff member. If you do not, you run the risk of being counted inactive and losing your characters.
  • If you are inactive for a week, you will go on Amy's list of absent members and you will receive a friendly little email asking where you are, just to be sure you're doing alright. If two weeks passes and we haven't heard from you, you will receive a second email warning that you will lose your characters if you do not become active or at least get in touch with a staff member. When the third week comes around, you will lose your characters. If you return, that is fabulous, but you will have to start over from the beginning with your characters.

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Welcome to Dreams Don't Come True. This site is inspired by the comic book series, Fables. Fortunately, you don't need to have read the series to enjoy it here; you just need to have a love of fairy tales and folk tales. We do not allow Disney or Once Upon a Time versions of the characters, although we do allow you to glean information from them, such as certain personality traits etc. Please feel free to look around and ask any questions you may have.

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