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 Bigby Wolf, Legend | Immortal | Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Bigby Wolf
 Posted: Sep 25 2015, 09:23 PM

Bigby Wolf

Big Bad Wolf

Bigby (very much preferred), Wolf, Big Bad, and Runt (despises with a passion)

Immortal, appears to be Thirty-Eight Years Old


The Deep Woods

King of Urla

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

There are many things that people do not know about a story…they believe they have all they would need to know about a person by their past. What is there to really say about myself other than the fact that when I took the form of a large wolf…I hadn’t always been that size? Actually I was much smaller than what you would have thought me to be, but that was only because I was the runt within the family. You see I was born with six other brothers, and often times or not they would mock me by calling me “Big Bad Wolf” or Bigby for shorter…the nickname pretty much stuck with me and mother…neither did she really like the way my siblings treated me.

My mother for that instance…she was named Winter Wolf, and if you were to have ever met here then you would have seen why. My mother’s fur was like the color of fresh powder snow, and her eyes were so blue they looked like ice. Even with such icy cold exterior…she was the warmest being that I had ever known in my life as a child. She loved me and my brothers equally, but she detested us fighting over simple things…I took much of my mother’s personality to heart. At least…before she had died anyways, and then I…might have lost myself during those days….. I tried protecting her body from scavengers, but being small…it was pointless……

Out of anything that I could explain to you about my father…is that I hate him with a passion. There are many words that I could use to describe the man, but there isn’t enough time to really say them all, so the one word I could use is…cold. The man was a cold-hearted man that didn’t care about his family or the mother of his children. He upright abandoned us, and during that time of taking care of us…our mother was within grief. As children we did not notice this, but as time grew on I had started to realize that our mother wasn’t always happy around us. When she died…my brothers went to search for our father, but I did not…I refused to go to a man that could have prevented her death….

He is no father to me, and he was the very reason why I pursued in eating beings that were bigger than me…..


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