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 Surprise Surprise, Beast
 Posted: Oct 3 2015, 03:36 AM
King of Barbot

Part Man, Part Beast!
The former Beast looked to Beauty and smiled. She always knew what to say to alleviate his fears; she was his light when darkness flooded inside him. He feared that one day, if he got terribly angry and shifted into the Beast, that he wouldn’t be able to change back into a human. That would be horrible, though his darling wife would find a way to turn him back, he was sure. If anyone could, it was her; she was like a human encyclopaedia. He marvelled at his lady wife’s ability to retain large amounts of information. It was astounding. He was somewhat envious of his wife’s ability; it would be quite useful.

He put his arm around her and pulled her onto his chest gently. The burly King loved being this close to his wife; they seldom got a chance to be together much these days. Politcal meetings ran on longer and the one-to-one visits from subjects were more frequent, which worried the Barbot ruler.
He smiled at Beauty. “I miss her too, and our bedtime stories. She’s so energetic, I wonder if she gets it from you,” said the former Beast with a smile. At the mention of his adopted son, Adam frowned and heaved a little sigh. “Artemis….son. How I wish your step-mother wasn’t spiteful. Perhaps you’d be a boy now instead of a deer.”

Adam listened to the brunette woman beside him and chuckled.
“Grandchildren would be a welcome sight, indeed, my dear. Let’s just hope we survive long enough to see them. No doubt we’d be run ragged by them.”

He continued to kiss her, pulling his beloved gently closer to him; their bodies pressing against each other. As he kissed her, he caressed her leg, hoping to arouse her. He liked it when he pleased Beauty in that aspect of her life. A wife should be satisfied in all areas of her life, in the former Beast’s opinion. It wouldn’t do for just the man to be satisfied.

He wanted her; he hungered for her touch. He shifted his weight, so he was more comfortable. He stroked her neck and traced his hand down her body gently.

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