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Jul 26 2015, 09:52 PM
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<div class="jupiter"><table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">AMBROSE, KING<br>IMMORTAL<br>KING OF HEMEROCALLIS<br>JAMES MARSDEN<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">He was originally a dashing young prince, who was cursed by a witch (actually Frau Totenkinder) for being too vain; he'd remain a frog until he'd find someone who'd love him despite his appearance. This never happened, and he changed back when the princess accidentally threw her golden ball in well, she reluctantly agreed to kiss him if he'd retrieve the ball. Later on, when the princess and her father were having dinner when the frog prince came to the door, the princess was so shocked and disgusted that she slammed the door in his face though her father made the unhappy princess let the frog prince come inside, dine with them and share her bed with the princess. Sharing her bed with a frog was the final straw and in repulsion, threw Ambrose against the wall. Since then, the two have been married and have had five children and are expecting their sixth child. Lilly has also become less spoilt and more loving to Ambrose.</div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">ARTHUR, KING<br>IMMORTAL<br>KING OF ALBION<br>CHRIS HEMSWORTH<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars"> Due to troubling times in the kingdom, Merlin suggested that Arthur be hidden in case rival kingdoms try to kill the young prince. Arthur was raised in secret by Lord Ector alongside his stepbrother Kay, until Uther died. When Arther turned fifteen Merlin took him to the castle, where a sword had been placed in a stone. On the sword were the words "Whoso pulleth this sword from the stone is the rightfully born King of all England". To everyone's surprise, Arthur pulled out the sword, and created the Knights of the Round Table to protect Camelot and his beloved subjects.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">GUINEVERE<br>IMMORTAL<br>QUEEN OF ALBION<br>NATALIE PORTMAN<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">Known as the most beautiful woman in Albion, Guinevere was once a simple peasant girl. When a knight of Camelot broke her sister’s heart, Guinevere took the disguise of a boy named Gideon and became an apprentice to Merlin in order to take revenge. Once discovering that the knight had been enchanted by Baba Yaga, Guinevere showed herself to be a woman, and the king was immediately smitten. They instantly married, and Guinevere became the new Queen of Camelot. She rules alongside Arthur with a kind heart, however it is rumoured that she’s having an affair with Sir Lancelot, Arthur’s most trusted knight and best friend.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">JAMES, KING<br>IMMORTAL<br>KING OF RHODOPIS<br>PATRICK DEMPSEY<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">Husband of Queen Cinderella, James is a dutiful and loving man. He is determined when he wants to be and it is through this determination that he found Cinderella, admittedly after the girl had attended the three balls and her stepsisters had cut off parts of their feet just so that either one of them could marry him but still, he found his true love. He rules Rhodopis fairly but is unaware of his wife’s extra activities.</div></div></div></td>

<tr><td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">LILY, QUEEN<br>IMMORTAL<br>QUEEN OF HEMEROCALLIS<br>ZOE SALDANA<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars"> This beautiful Queen may seem pretty and fair now but she wasn’t always this way. In days long since past; she was quite the brat. Lily had been spoiled by her mother somewhat and when she had died Lily’s unpleasant behaviour grew with her. Her father constantly had to remind the girl of her manners and behaviour. One day, she accidentally threw her golden ball into a well. A frog offered to retrieve the ball if she’d kiss him. She consented rather reluctantly but when the frog made good on his offer, Lily in revulsion, ran back to her castle. Later on, when she and her father were having dinner, there came a knock at the door, which the Princess answered. It was the frog from before. She shut the door in disgust but her father told her to let the frog in. When they dined, the father had to tell Lily to allow the frog to sit on the table. Lastly, when the frog asked to sleep in the Princess’s bed, she threw him against the wall, thus revealing his true human form and nature; he was a prince. After this, the Prince and Lily were married and have had five children. Lily is now much kinder and loves her family dearly.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">ODETTE, QUEEN<br>IMMORTAL<br>QUEEN OF KENNOCHLAZNE<br>AMANDA SEYFRIED<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars"> A beautiful and fair maiden, Odette was cursed to turn into a swan by an evil sorcerer. She lived many years in this form alongside the swan maidens that kept her company. Odette was finally freed from her curse when Siegfried killed the sorcerer and she reverted back into her human shape. Odette and Siegfried married and now rule Kennochlazne together. The swan maidens became their servants.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">PELA, QUEEN<br>IMMORTAL<br>QUEEN OF PLOCEIDAE<br>JENNIFER GARNER<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">Pela was born the daughter of a miller. Her father wanted to impress the king, and so told him that she could spin straw into gold. The king instantly locked Pela up and told her that if she didn’t spin all the straw into gold by morning he’d cut off her head. Pela could barely spin as it was, and she definitely couldn’t spin anything into gold. When she had given up all hope, Rumplestiltskin appeared. He spun the straw into gold in return for Pela’s necklace. The next day, the king gave her even more straw and repeated the threat. Rumpelstiltskin returned and spun the straw into gold for Pela’s bracelet. Then, the king gave Pela even more straw, and said that if she spun it all into gold that he would marry her, but kill her if she did not. When Rumpelstiltskin returned, Pela promised to give him her firstborn child. She and King Szczpan married, and soon enough had a baby boy. Rumpelstiltskin came to collect, but Pela begged to keep her child. He decided to give her three days to guess his name. The first two days she was at a loss, but the second night she overheard Rumpelstiltskin singing about his name. So the third day Pela revealed she knew his name, and in anger Rumpelstiltskin ran off. Pela and Szczpan are now mostly happily married and they rule over Ploceidae.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">SIEGFRIED, KING<br>IMMORTAL<br>KING OF KENNOCHLAZNE<br>CRAIG HORNER<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars"> Initially wanting to remain a carefree bachelor, he was swiftly told by his mother to settle down and marry. After an encounter with Odette, he ironically fell in love. His love increased when he was told of Odette's curse, and told her that she should come to the ball and that he shall choose her as his bride, but he was tricked by the sorcerer Rothbart and his daughter, Odile. Rejecting Odile and stating that he’d rather die with Odette, the couple’s love is cemented when they both seemingly commit suicide but instead of dying, they were reborn and tied the knot. Siegfried now has the swan as his House emblem.</div></div></div></td>

<tr><td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">SZCZPAN, KING<br>IMMORTAL<br>KING OF PLOCEIDAE<br>TOM CRUISE<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">Szczpan (pronounced Shtep-an) was the Prince who was the son of the King. He saw Pela and was immediately smitten. He knew his father would only ask for more and more gold but was thoroughly surprised when his father agreed to allow Pela to marry him (Szczpan) if she completed the three tasks (basically just turning straw into gold). Szczpan and Pela were then married but when Szczpan was told of the deal that his wife had made with a creature called Rumpelstiltskin, he was understandably upset but gave Pela a book of names so she might discover the loathsome creature’s name. After the incident with Rumpelstiltskin, they lived on happily.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">THOMAS, KING<br>IMMORTAL<br>KING OF CASARINA<br>BILLY MAGNUSSEN<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">When this former Prince set out to do some hunting he didn’t expect to find a tower in the middle of nowhere and certainly didn’t expect to see a very attractive girl in the tower named Rapunzel; he instantly wanted her. After spending several nights with her, as the witch who had locked her up came during the day, Thomas was tricked into climbing up the tower and was faced with the witch, who pushed from the sole tower opening, causing him to be blind. He wandered aimlessly for years before having his sight restored by Rapunzel’s tears and meeting his children for the first time. They weren’t due for a happy ending yet however, as his mother tried to do away with her new daughter-in-law. After this incident though, Thomas and his family finally lived happily together for many years before Thomas disappeared when he was out hunting. Where he’s been all these years remains a mystery.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">TRITON, KING<br>IMMORTAL<br>KING OF ATLANTIS<br>LIAM NEESON<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars"> This unearthly creature is the mighty and somewhat intimidating King of the Merfolk. He lives with his mother and six daughters. He is very cautious about the land-dwellers and has told his daughters, particularly his youngest, Ariel about the vile acts of humans but does maintain a somewhat strained relationship with King Siegfried and Queen Odette, who rule the surface. He has noted Ariel’s fascination with the human and is worried that she will do something silly, in order to be with them.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">ALLERLEIRUAH<br>IMMORTAL<br>KING OF ALBION<br>CHRISTINA RICCI<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">This young lady, having experienced a very traumatised event – trying to be wedded to her father and then marrying a prince, was supposed to live happily ever after. Only, it didn’t work out that way, for her home was taken over by the Sovereign, forcing her to leave her darling home and husband for a world she did not know. Going by the name of Faith, Allerleiruah now works as a waitress in Chicago.</div></div></div></td>


Jul 26 2015, 09:49 PM
Something unique to the site are a bit of original character. They are merely suggestions. To which you can if the character is open fill in with whatever mythological God or goddess you like. The listed are merely suggestions. They are being who represent an idea, a singular one that they govern over.

Embodiments are somewhat of a mystery population of the Twelve Kingdoms, though they actually live in a different realm. Most don't interact with the general populace of the Twelve Kingdoms and Earth, due to being super busy.

Embodiments are the personified being of a concept such as, Love, the North Wind, the Tooth Fairy or Hope. They still count as Legends but are much more powerful than an average Legend, since they are able to shape-shift, cast spells and wield powers relating to their personification however, they are not Gods; they can still die. Unlike the average Legend, who upon will regenerate over time, Embodiments stay dead. When this happens, a descendant of theirs (a child or grandchild usually) or a human or Legend with similar traits will be chosen to become the next respective Embodiment. Embodiments may choose to have servants or sub-Embodiment assistants, for example Love could have an assistant who is the Embodiment of Familial Love or some other type of Love, although some Embodiments choose not to.

As Embodiments are still Legends, they are also able to sire offspring with a human if they so desire. These Half-Legends will be slightly more powerful than the average Half-Legend and are able to become Legends also.

Embodiments have names, or names associated to their personification, such as Lumi, which means snow in Finnish.

Some embodiments choose not to get involved in the affairs of humans and lesser Legends but some will, to amuse themselves or out of genuine concern or interest. Coincidentally, Embodiments are able to travel to Earth, doing their duties. They can also, if they are believed in or if they choose to, interact with humans. They can also take other Legends with them to Earth, willingly or otherwise.

There are many other Embodiments, of course, they just haven't made themselves known yet.


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.venus { width: 150px; height: 150px; }

.pluto { width: 110px; height: 90px; padding: 30px 20px 30px 20px; opacity: 0; transition-duration: 0.6s;-moz-transition-duration: 0.6s;-webkit-transition-duration: 0.6s;-o-transition-duration: 0.6s; background: #e34141; text-align: center; font-family: oswald; font-size: 12px; color: #fff; font-weight: 300; }
.pluto:hover { transition-duration: 0.6s;-moz-transition-duration: 0.6s;-webkit-transition-duration: 0.6s;-o-transition-duration: 0.6s; opacity: 0.8; }

.mars { width: 130px; padding: 10px; height: 130px; overflow: auto; text-align: justify; background: #fff; }

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<div class="jupiter"><table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
<tr><td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">ANTEROS<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF REQUITED LOVE<br>MITCH HEWER<br>TAKEN</div></div><div class="mars"> A child of Loyalty and Love, this ‘golden boy’ takes his job as the Embodiment of Requited Love and the Avenger of Scorned Love very seriously, as evidenced when he caused a mortal to feel so much guilt over scorning another’s love for him that the first mortal committed suicide. He seems to have a vast number of butterflies, which he keeps in his various mansions around the globe. He uses them in battle, as distractions and as spies throughout the different realms.</div></div></td>
<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">APHRODITE<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF LOVE AND BEAUTY<br>TAMSIN EGERTON<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars"> Though she may be the embodiment of Love, Aphrodite doesn't love just anyone. She's married to Loyalty, bearing three children. Aphrodite has, however, had an affair with War, bearing three children with him. There is no one that she loves more than herself. Aphrodite is very selfish, and very whimsical. She will love whoever she pleases, and this changes often. She can go from being kind to being cruel in a heartbeat. Aphrodite also cares a lot about her appearance, and won't dare to be seen looking less than perfect. Though she has many children, she has a rocky relationship with them, as well as with her husband.</div></div></td>
<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">ARES<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF WAR<br>JASON STATHAM<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">This isn’t someone you want to mess with, or be with in general. Naturally War thrives on….well, wars and feuds and will often try to start them. He is easily prone to anger, being very arrogant in himself and his powers. War knows he’s attractive but delights in hearing compliment his attractiveness. He can often be seen with his sister, Peace, and is also having an affair with Love, resulting in siring some children with her.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">ATHENA<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF WISDOM<br>RACHEL WEISZ<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">If you ever need some knowledge-seeking assistance, look no further. This is Athena, the famous goddess of wisdom. When not in her realm, she likes to spend time in the mortal libraries, helping to mould young minds be a little more…..intelligent. She favours them, you see. She’ll also likely be seen with Recoursa, as you need intelligence to be resourceful.</div></div></div></td>

<tr><td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">EASTWICK<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF GOOD WILL<br>ERIK VON DETTEN<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars"> You won’t know this but this cute guy here is the Easter Bunny. That’s right, the Easter Bunny – the little rabbit that brings you those small, wonderfully coloured eggs. He works tireless a quarter of the year to make sure that the kids of the world have those eggs. It will surprise you to know that the father of this guy is Ares a.k.a War, however he dislikes what his father does; instead seeing Santa as more of a father figure and subsequently has followed in his footsteps, by giving to the people of both Parable and Earth. </div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">ELPIS<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF HOPE<br>AMY ADAMS<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">You’ve heard the story of Pandora's box (or pithos/jar), how hope was trapped inside still to keep the humanity going, right? Well, yes, in a way that happened, but this girl is also a cousin of Love, and doesn't just stay inside all alone. She's feisty and beautiful, and can whip up people's moods with her hopeful glow. Yes, she still goes to the box now and again, but sometimes she wants to cut loose and show she's no tiny fearful girl. Don't mess with people's hopes for she will box-kick you out.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">ERIS<br>IMMORTAL<br>GODDESS OF DISCORD<br>KATIE MCGRATH<br>TAKEN</div></div><div class="mars"> This Embodiment is also the Sea Witch. She’s posing as the being to get closer to people to twist their lives apart. Yes, she is that bad. Not only this, but it allows her to plan to her own end without people knowing what she’s actually doing. She has Lyra (the siren) working for her, and she is determined to rule all the kingdoms and the likes. She wants to be worshipped not only as a god but as the 'only' god. She will do anything to achieve this goal even forsake her own heart in the process. No one should mess with this crazy embodiment otherwise she turns their life upside down.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">EPIONE<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF LULLABIES AND SOOTHING<br>JODI BENSEN<br>TAKEN</div></div><div class="mars"> This gentle soul is the embodiment of soothing and lullabies, and is the wife to Overall Health. She is smart, generous, and filled with tensional secrets which she keeps bury within. She's also the mother to the other healing, well-being, and living embodiments. She just wants her family all together and living normally instead of the haste and hazard existence of being an embodiment. She's still tough though and good with comforting others be it: human, embodiment, legend, or creature. She's very friendly and loves to catch somebody to make conversations with. Don't be shy. She loves to write songs and sing too, and often travelling amongst mortals when she's alone.</div></div></div></td>

<tr><td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">FATHER CHRISTMAS<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF JOY<br>OPEN<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars"> Also known as Santa Claus or Saint Nick, this guy is most famous for giving children presents and being jolly. It is true he does indeed give gifts to children but he also gives out advice and very special presents to adults who need it the most. He is very understanding and patient, though will become a little less kind to those who are not of a kind and loving heart, dispensing out gifts that could be considered cruel.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">HARMONIA<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF HARMONY<br>RUTH NEGGA<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars"> You’d think that a daughter of Love would take after her mother, wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong, in a way. Harmonia isn’t one to be “spreading love” wherever she goes; she’s more of a ‘let’s-get-along-and-not-kill-each-other’ kinda gal. She tends to avoid conflict if she can, though if there is conflict, you can be sure that she will put a stop to it.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">HEBE<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF YOUTH<br>CONSTANCE WU<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">This beautiful lady is Hebe, the Goddess of Youth. She is responsible for making certain people look youthful. She favours those who are young at heart, and children. She married the stud, Hercules a few decades ago, and enjoys the married life, even if he does stray from time to time.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">HERCULES<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF HEROES<br>DWAYNE JOHNSON<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">This poor man endured a lot when he was a Half-Legend, but through it all, he has prevailed. As an Embodiment, he helps those who have greatness inside them, realise their true potential. Upon becoming an Embodiment, he married Hebe, remaining…somewhat faithful to her.</div></div></div></td>

<tr><td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">ICELOS<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF NIGHTMARES<br>ROBERT DOWNEY JR<br>TAKEN</div></div><div class="mars">Son of Nyx and Erebus, Brother to Morpheus and his opposite in terms of Embodiments, Icelos deals with the bad side of dreams. He is the one that gives you dreams of being drowned or eaten alive by monsters and all that. He is also considered to be the Boogie Man.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">MORPHEUS<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF DREAMS<br>BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH<br>TAKEN</div></div><div class="mars">A mysterious figure, Morpheus is the son of Hypnos and Nyx. He is the God of Dreams. He's a calm being, smooth in his actions yet melancholy, as he touches so many lives given the sheer span of hours and multiple times Morpheus meets a person. Often forgotten by many he's a walking case of Deja vu. To see him is to see a face from a memory, fleeting that you have met him before, but unable to place where or even when. </div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">Nyx<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF DARKNESS<br>EVA GREEN<br>TAKEN</div></div><div class="mars">Being the Embodiment of Darkness and Night, Nyx herself is a bit of a dark soul in nature like many of her children. Though, despite this, she is not truly evil and just has moments of dark tendencies. In fact, she has been known to have tender moments, motherly moments, and does know how to love others. She is also seen as a very elegant and yet terrifying woman. And while she is not the creator of the Shadowlands, she can often be found wondering the place if not doing her duties of being an Embodiment of Night.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">LEAL<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF LOYALTY<br>NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">You’d think that the Embodiment of Loyalty would be all about standing by your friends and family, and you’d be right; he is – to an extent. He does love his wife, Aphrodite, and his children very much, but his marriage is an open one and his children always seem to doing their respective duties as Embodiments, or in the mortal realm, partying and having a good time so he doesn’t see them much. So, with his family, he is loyal. As for friends, well….they have to earn his loyalty to even be considered a friend of his. Leal likes to test people’s loyalty by doing these really messed-up tests to them, which are almost always sadistic in nature.</div></div></div></td>

<tr><td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">MOLA<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF MEMORIES<br>JUDI DENCH<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">Your child just lost a tooth and ask if they should put it under their pillow. Say yes! Because there is a tooth fairy around and she cherishes each tooth. Each tooth equals a memory so precious it needs guarding by her. She will even pay you for it so please do place your loosened teeth under your pillow. What about wisdom teeth you need ask? Well, she can do those too. No dentures though, that's just disgusting. Like all fairies, she's born from a child's first laugh.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">PALOMA<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF PEACE<br>EMMY ROSSUM<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">It might be weird to think this gentle flower is War's sister, but War and Peace are together most of the time. While War is bloodthirsty, mad, and scary, Peace is helpful, polite, and adorable. She's also brave because you need it to achieve peace and to keep a brother like War in check when your rule over a peaceful world, however you can always keep War under wraps so enjoy Peace as much as possible. It's a precious treasure. Peace Out!</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">TZERNABOG<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF EVIL<br>MADS MIKKELSEN<br>TAKEN</div></div><div class="mars">Demon King of the Shadowlands, he rules over the land of the damned with a malevolent iron fist. After the death of Mr. Dark. This leviathan god from Slavic lore slid into the place of power easily. He is also married to Marzana, the embodiment of dark winters. </div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">MARZANA<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF DARK WINTERS<br>GILLIAN ANDERSON<br>TAKEN</div></div><div class="mars">


<tr><td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">PHOBOS<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF FEAR<br>CILLIAN MURPHY<br>TAKEN</div></div><div class="mars">This is the embodiment of fear. He is terror, that creeping feeling when you feel the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. He is everything that makes your mind race and your adrenaline surge in fright. He is the half brother to both Icelos and Anteros.</div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="neptune"><div class="venus" style="background-image: url(;"><div class="pluto">TIME, FATHER<br>IMMORTAL<br>EMBODIMENT OF TIME<br>JEREMY IRONS<br>OPEN</div></div><div class="mars">Also known as Kronos. this man is very powerful, even more so than some of the higher up Embodiments, for he controls time, and that is a very tricky to do. One thing you don’t want to do is mess with time, otherwise you may find yourself stuck in a time loop for a decade.</div></div></div></td>


May 19 2015, 08:08 PM
Alright since we're getting back to getting this ball rolling again, We need to know who's here still. Just reply with your characters you're keeping and list any that you're dropping. There is no post requirement.

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