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Briar Rose


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Dec 23 2013, 07:16 PM
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<b>Age:</b> Immortal but apears mid twnenties
<br><b>Nickname:</b> Briar
<br><b>Occupation:</b> Queen
<br><b>Member Group:</b> Legend
<br><b>Play-by:</b> Emilia Clrake
<div class="maintitle">Appearance</div>
<div class="appearbox">
Light blonde and fly away Briar's hair seems like she has just rolled out of bed or walked through a storm but in a strangely neat and organised way. Often her hair is also adorned with little flowers or other hair ornaments adorning it. Though for events and special ocassions her hair is styled and braided into elegent fashions. Her eyes are as green as the forests that surround the citadel that she lives in. A gentle glint in her eyes is ever present showing her sweet nature within them. <p>

Like her eyes her smile is soft and sweet with rose lips like the petals of the flower of her name sake. Her skin is as fair as her hair, smooth to the touch and as clear as porclein. Her figure is slim and willowly giving her a taller figure than the average woman but not by much. Her clothing is simple but made of fine marteials, often of bright colours espically the blue the is the colour of her kingdom.
<div class="maintitle" style="clear:both;text-align:center;">Personality</div>
<div class="widebox">
Briar truly is a gentle soul who doesn't believe that anybody can be purely evil. She is light-hearted and kind, always willing to help the citizens of her kingdom if they ever need it. She hates to see people having to suffer, especially if she knows that she could help them. She will take pity on even the poorest people in her land providing them with the means to live by and using her royal links to help them find work. She is often seen around her Kingdom, visiting people of the town every now and again to show her affection for them all, but the one who gets most of her affection is her dear Phillip. She loves him more than anything in the world and wouldn't know what to do with herself if she didn't have him. She spends as much time as she can with him and her father has said she would follow him around all day if her duties would let her.<p>

Though Briar may seem quite prefect to some she does have may flaws that reveal themselves over time. One of them being her gullibility. She will believe more or less anything from anyone which is why she is so giving and selflessness and when she is told somebody is lying to her she finds it hard to believe that somebody would lie to their queen. This means that Briar is also rather stubborn in some ways as she believes what she believes and only agrees with people if she thinks the same. The only exception to this is her fairy godmothers, husband and her children. But when she finds out somebody has lied to her she is devastated and doesn't know what to do. Lying is one of the few things that makes Briar angry and when she does get angry, she is to be given a wide berth or you'll be in the stocks for weeks.

<div class="maintitle" style="clear:both;text-align:center;">History</div>
<div class="widebox">
Briar was born as the first and only child to her parents, King Stephan and Queen Leah. They named her Briar Rose though most people took to calling the young princess Briar. After the baby Princess's christening they held a feast for all of the nobles in the kingdom to attend so that they could present their gifts for the newborn child. Also present were the princess's seven fair godmothers. Each of them gave her a blessing of a different gift. It was then that the party was disrupted by the evil witch
fairy who had purposefully not been invited to the christening. She said they would pay dearly for disrespecting her and lay a curse upon the new born baby Briar Rose that she would die on her sixteenth birthday.<p>

The curse was to be that upon her sixteenth birthday she would prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel. She would first faint before slowly withering away and then die. So out of shear panic her father ordered for all the spinning wheels in the Kingdom to be burnt in hope of stopping this evil curse. They also sent their dear daughter away from the place under the cover of night before she was old enough to walk so that witch fairy couldn't find another way to put a tragic end to their dearest daughter's life. The seven fairy godmothers took her in and lived in a little cottage in the woods out of site though they hid the fact that they were fairies from Briar.<p>

Briar Rose lived quite happily with the seven fairies in the woods doing little chores for them should as picking berries and collect fire wood for the stove. As she walked she would often sing to herself daydreaming about one day finding the perfect man of her dreams just happen to stroll past her way. She quickly grew into a beautiful young women full of love and happiness and all too soon came around her sixteenth birthday which was the day when the fairies where going to tell her that she was a princess. So while they prepared the cottage for a little celebration they sent her out to get some berries like they would do on any normal day. Though today while Briar Rose was singing she was heard by the passing Prince Phillip who stopped and followed the sound of her voice though the forest.<p>

At first when he found her, Briar Rose didn't notice he was there, that was until he started singing with her. At this Briar Rose was slightly shocked and was startled by him but continued to sing to the end of the song. He asked if he had seen her before but she assured him he hadn't. But before she could ask for his name Briar Rose rushed off, saying that she had to get back to her cottage. While she was out her fairy godmothers had been fighting over the decorations which attracted the attention of witch fairy minion revealing their whereabouts. When she got home she told them she had met this wonderful man in the forest, though it was then that the fairies revealed her true birth heritage telling her that she was the daughter of King Stephan and Queen Leah, rulers of the eighth kingdom. Briar Rose told them that she must meet this man again but they told her that she shouldn't as she is already betrothed to somebody else as the fairies don't know that it was Prince Phillip how she met.<p>

The fairies then take Briar back to the palace in which she was born, to meet her parents and then her betrothed family. She is taken to her room so she can change into something more befitting of a Princess and is therefore left alone. While alone Briar felt a strange force calling to her and she curiously followed it, not knowing that it is was actually Maleficent using her powers upon her. So she followed the pulling up into on the the castle towers under the dream-like state the witch fairy had imposed upon her. In the tower room Briar finds a spinning wheel and found that she had a sudden surge to touch the needle. She followed her impulse and touched the needle, pricking her finger in the process causing the curse to come true so Briar fainted onto the stone floor much to witch fairy's delight.<p>

She is found by the fairies who lay her in what was to be her bedroom and cast a spell over the kingdom to make the whole kingdom go to sleep in hope of keeping the curse at bay. While she was asleep the fairies learn that the man she met in the forest was actually prince Phillip and rushed of to find him, helping him escape from the witch fairy's clutches. Though upon returning to the castle they find it covered in brambles though her Prince soldiered through it all even defeating the witch fairy to reach Briar. It was a long battle but in the end with the help of the seven fairy godmothers that battle was won and Prince Phillip raced up to Briar''s rooms where behind the veiled bedpost curtains he found the girl laying in a dreamless sleep upon a bed now dressed in fine clothing of a Princess.<p>

He came to her bed side and kissed her upon the lips, bringing life back into the Princess Briar's body and also the rest of the slumbering kingdom. The couple then was secretly married with Phillip coming to visit her when he could as he lived in the kingdom of Enchantera. He promised to bring her to his kingdom as soon as he revealed his step mother was an ogredd. With his visits Briar Rose bore him two children; a girl and a boy. The children stayed with Briar and her family until the time came for them to move to Enchantera when Phillip ascended to the throne and his ogress stepmother was no more. Though this did come after the orgress tried to eat both of her children. He took her to be his Queen and they have ruled the kingdom together ever since.
<div class="maintitle" style="clear:both;text-align:center;">OOC Info</div>
<div class="titlemedium" style="text-align:center";>Freya | 20 | GMT-0</div>
<div class="credbox"><a href="">W.A.</a> of <a href="">RPG-D</a></div></div>
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