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 What do you fight for?, [Embodiments]
 Posted: Jun 28 2015, 12:34 AM
Embodiment of Requited Love

Two hearts equal happiness
“If they could handle everything without us, we wouldn’t have them believing in us all and praying for our help.”

He nodded as he watched the Embodiment of Night greeted her children, Morpheus and Icelos, with motherly kisses before she said something that Anteros fully agreed with. This was a very true statement. Humans, although kind and benevolent beings, they were also ruthless, devious and manipulative. Their hearts could become dark within a second, and the more bad things, the more their hearts became darker. It was sad the more he thought about it. Humans had tremendous amounts of love but chose to hate instead, which was very sad indeed.

He hoped that, in time, human beings, and even Legends could become a little more compassionate to one another. The Human Realm, as well as Parable would be so much better, he just knew it. His mother always said that love was a powerful weapon against the darkness, but sometimes Anteros thought that love could only do so much against the forces that threatened to overwhelm them. There was some darkness that even love couldn’t heal, and that scared the son of Aphrodite. Darkness was everywhere, unfortunately and Anteros was secretly afraid it would win.

Half way through his musings, he realised that Nyx was speaking. Mentally chiding himself, the Embodiment of Love Requited made an effort to listen to what the female Embodiment was saying, but a lot of it was now going over his head. He listened to the rest of Nyx’s statement, anyway. It wouldn’t do to be seen lost in one’s own thoughts, or as the humans put it, ‘away with the fairies’.

Just when he didn’t think that no more Embodiment would appear, he was proven wrong when another did indeed appear, looking very regal, if he did say so himself. The young-looking Embodiment tried to recall who she was, but drew a blank. Was she a new one, or an old who had faded from memory? One thing he did know about her, though, was that he didn’t like what she was saying. Sacrificing an Embodiment – that was madness! Who would want to be sacrificed?

Yet another, mysterious Embodiment entered this convergence, and not in a subtle fashion, but in a blaze of dark fire. He looked…well, for lack of a better word, evil. Just looking at him gave Anteros chills. Who were these two? Anteros couldn’t remember seeing these two before. Maybe Morpheus or Nyx would know.

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 Posted: Jul 2 2015, 09:52 AM
Embodiment of Nightmares

Tough old world, baby. If you're not bolted together tightly, you're gonna shake, rattle, and roll.
As his mother entered the room, Icelos smirked to himself; it had taken a moment, but he knew that Nyx would show up eventually - his father wasn't a pleasant experience, but by and large, the nightmare enjoyed his mother's company, though he was certain Morpheus was the golden child. He didn't hold it against his sibling - he took his job far more seriously, and was much more studious than Icelos was himself; there was a time he had been far less lax, but that was quite a while ago.

With the kiss on his cheek planting, Icelos shifted on the sofa pillows to offer space to his mother, looking up at her as she spoke. "A pleasure as always, mother. You're looking dark this evening - decide against the star dress?" She took her seat away from the pair, grabbing the nearest vacant square of cushion and material instead; more space for him. Icelos squished back over, way from his brother so that his legs sat spread, lounging back as he peered over the group while producing a cigar from his pocket.

They were all rather serious, but none had seemed to take the initiative on the situation - they commented a lot, but as far as he could see, no-one had actually proposed a plan of attack. Two more appeared, and while they conveyed a similar feeling (nobody has actually given a plan, or mentioned who the threat themselves are), but they were intent on matching with a level of grump so strong, dwarves were taking notes as they looked on.

Lighting his cigar, the nightmare took a slow puff, gathering the smoke into his mouth as he listened before exhaling, casting the stream up into the air. "Right, because so far you've offered anything useful. If you're gonna take cheap shots, lady, at least take 'em with direction." He took another long draw, sitting up in his chair and leaning forward, into the group with a little grin.

"If we're gonna do something, lets get a plan together and do something. I've heard a lot about how big, mean and ugly this Sovereign is - question, do we actually know who he is? Have we got some kind of tracking chip on him, let us know where he's at? 'Cause if we don't, then we might as well quit pissing in the wind and get something together, then go and do it. I really, really don't feel up to sitting around here, listening to Phobos bitch like a little girl all day for nothing."

Damn that Phobos.

“Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there's little fun to be had in explanations; they're antithetical to the poetry of fear.”
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 Posted: Jul 24 2015, 07:49 PM
Embodiment of Fear

Sympathy for the Devil
Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste. I've been around for long, long years, stole many a man's soul and faith. So if you meet me, have some courtesy. Have some sympathy, and some taste. Use all your well-learned politeness or I'll lay your soul to waste. .

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Damn, he was bored. That didn't take long, did it? As per usual the older embodiments arrived with much pomp and spectacle (Although who the pasty one and her shadowy cohort were remained a mystery. Did he care, though? Not really.)

Nyx had a way of bringing order to their bickering with the grace befitting a queen. Damn her, derailing his plan for mischievously keeping the others arguing without ever accomplishing anything. Oh well. If they managed to get any planning done, that meant he would have something to report. Then again, there would be no reporting if he was dead. Probably best to lay mostly low for the rest of the meeting and let the big dogs bark. He might have been a snarky bastard, but even he knew when it was a bad idea to snap at the heels of a greater being.

The newcomers interested him, but he would choose the path of least resistance with them, as well. Let the others test the waters with these two so that he could observe what sort of beings they were. They certainly weren't anyone he recalled meeting. He cast a brief glance in Eris' direction. How would she handle playing with the big kids? Oh, she was powerful, but they were both minor league in comparison to the embodiments that had been around far longer than they. The older ones operated on a higher level. Did Phobos believe that it should be time for his generation to rise to power? Indeed. Was he going to die in the process? Hell no.

Icelos spoke his peace, and for once the nightmare made sense. He actually surprised Phobos. "For once I agree with my sarcastic friend here. How exactly do you propose we go about stopping this threat?" Normally he would have sent a barb in his half-brother's direction. Something about how 'surely the power of love will save us!' Maybe butterfly power would do the trick. Then again, he could piss off Anteros another time. This was starting to get annoyingly serious.

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 Posted: Jul 25 2015, 02:59 AM
Embodiment of Dreams

Dream a little dream of me
"Oh don't talk of love" the shadows purr. Murmuring me away from you.
"Don't talk of worlds that never were. The end is all that's ever true.
There's nothing you can ever say, Nothing you can ever do..."

Unlike the others around him, Morpheus paid attention to his job. He remembered faces, of people -beings who he granted dreams. He knew of the two new arrivals. If anything it showed the elder embodiments just how lax the younger generation had become, well out side of Morpheus. This whole little meeting was his idea to begin with. He alone held the initiative to actively acknowledge a threat and growing problem.

The other one, while he was new to the term embodiments, Morpheus knew he was just as old as the likes of his mother. Maybe even his uncle Thanatos. He knew Tzernabog ruled the shadowlands, that he was a source of fear and bad dreams for those trapped there. Perhaps it was the perk of being so closely connected with beings, yet still lingering on the out side.

"I never intended for any of us to be sacrificed for the sake of other, Marzana, Though I'm sure thats not exactly what you're saying rather the rest are just taking things far to literal." Unlike his brother his voice was calm, respectful. Whom he cut his changing eyes at for a moment, why did icelos have to be such an issue at times?

"ITs not who, Icelos, its a They, They are a collective, They have the ability to undue and take over. In fact at the center of that who is a legend. Gepetto. He's already taken over Mageia. An you would think that a man that makes puppets and Dolls wouldn't be such a threat but here we are. "

He paused looking at the other younger ones "If anything you all should know who he is as well, he's done nothing but cause Nightmares, Raise Fears, and cause Chaos and yet you all sit here and know nothing." It was clear that the younger one was starting to get angry, his eyes flecking with reds and blacks. like dying embers. "You all enjoy your powers yet wont do a damn thing to try and keep them "

He said splaying a long hand on the surface of the table keeping himself from slamming his hand down into the surface in anger. "You know, you've seen it, can you not tell us where their weaknesses lay? What they fear? What grants their nightmares? What we can strike at to finish this?"

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