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 Conceal, Don't Feel, OPEN
Wicked Witch of the West
 Posted: Jul 21 2015, 12:07 AM

Something is not the same
Another sleepless night. It didn't really surprise the witch since her brain could hardly recall the last time she slept well. It wasn't that the woman didn't know when it was, simply that she didn't want to remember why it was that night. Even without looking in a mirror she believed her green skin must be getting dark circles under the eyes from the deprivation of something so essential. The only reason this part didn't bother her as much was because it wasn't like she was likely to bump into someone and them notice that instead of her unusual skin color. Groaning, the woman looked out of the window as the sunrise was just finishing and the warm beams already beat down on the castle and the countryside that surrounded it. Elphaba was probably one of the only people that didn't feel a thing watching the sunrise. There was no sense of peace or look of awe, just a blank-faced glare towards the bright orb and a small sneer as she turned herself away from the scene determined to waste no more time watching.

It only took her as long as she had spent feeding her flying monkeys to become rather too hot inside the confines of the the castle even with the benefit of the windows not having any glass in them. It didn't even help that the woman had chosen her shortest dress to try and keep herself a little cooler. What the green-skinned witch really needed was fresh air but that idea didn't please her at all. It would mean leaving her castle for the outside world which always seemed to make her feel strange recently. There was a great deal of pacing and muttering in the top room of the castle until the reluctant woman finally realized there was no other choice if she wanted to keep cool, which she did. It was halfway through her descent of the castle stairway when her eyes were drawn to a figure in the near distance. It was one of her monkeys but something was strange. It was poised ready to attack her.

"It's me you moron! How can you not tell?"

Her voice came out as a bellow and the flying monkey immediately retreated with a noise that signaled it's shock. What is it with those monkeys lately? Anyone would think I was suddenly degreenified overnight or something the way they are towards me. The thought lingered through her mind as she continued her journey to the ground floor of the castle and drew a deep breath before opening the front door just enough to let herself out. The fresh air stung slightly as it hit her body. Elphaba tried to put it down the lack of it she had gotten lately, choosing to ignore the fact it never happened in hiding when there were times that several days passed without seeing light of day. Her feet were going a blistering pace, wanting the whole outdoor trip to be over as quick as humanly possible. This turned out to be the wrong idea very quickly as her feet caught on a tree branch situated just above the ground and there was a mere moment before the thump echoed signalling the witch landing face down right near the river.

As she started to bring herself back to her feet something else caught her attention. It was her own reflection in the river. Having not looked in a mirror for a time the sight of herself was enough to send the woman reeling. It looked terrible. Not terrible as in evil but terrible as in looking a mess. No wonder Chistery was acting strange,, she thought to herself. There were now gaps in the green skin that had plagued her for her whole life that were the color of normal flesh and looking warm and inviting. Elphaba was also convinced her cheekbones were looking a little more fleshed out and her jaw less angular than last time she had observed herself. Unusually shakily the green woman brought a hand to her face to touch one of the now normal colored patches of skin. The warmth radiating from it made her withdraw her hand immediately. At the emotion of it all she could feel something that had rarely occurred in years. Tears were welling up in her eyes. This only served to make her frustration rise in the confusion of it all and Elphaba used her magic to force the water away from her in a fit of anger.

"Just stop! Please"
tag: OPEN | notes: come join the madness
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