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This is where all the information for the site is located.
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8 2 Mar 21 2014, 02:19 AM
In: Chapter on Rules
By: Amy
No New Posts Help Desk
Have a question to ask? Ask away here, guest-friendly
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3 3 Sep 25 2015, 02:39 AM
In: Activity Check
By: Rose Red
No New Posts Prophecies
This board is for those predictions of the future, uttered and/or written by those who have the gift of foresight. If you have a prophecy that you wish to write for a particular character or group of characters or an event then PM a member of staff.
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No New Posts Character Cabinet
Where the applications go. When Work-In-Progress apps will be moved to the Completed section once finished. The canon list is here.
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15 0 Sep 25 2015, 09:23 PM
In: Bigby Wolf
By: Bigby Wolf
No New Posts Filing Cabinet
Where the accepted apps go.
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56 58 Sep 25 2015, 02:36 AM
In: Rose Red
By: Jon
No New Posts Claims
Where all the claims go. Go claim 'em!
7 60 Sep 25 2015, 03:03 AM
In: Member Directory
By: Rose Red
No New Posts Relationships
This is where the plot pages go. Plot out past relationships and current friendships, alliances and enemies here.
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27 41 Sep 26 2015, 10:07 PM
In: The Searcher Of The Road
By: Rose Red
No New Posts Thread Trackers
Keep track of all your threads here.
1 0 Jul 22 2015, 09:15 PM
In: Open Thread Directory
By: Toni
No New Posts Communications
This is where people can get in touch with one another, whether by phone or by letter.

Subforums: Pigeon and Raven Post, Mobile Phones, Emails, IM's

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No New Posts Want Ads
Need someone to play a lover, a family member or a best friend? Then post your want ads here.
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22 19 Jul 26 2015, 09:52 PM
In: Kings And Queens
No New Posts Development
This board is to do with anything about a character from timeline to the abilities they have. Put all stuff character related here!
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No New Posts Events
Site wide events can be found here.
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No New Posts Rhodopis
Taking on a very cozy look, the Kingdom of Rhodopis is home to the likes of Queen Cinderella and her Husband, King James.

Together they have made this Kingdom a wonderful place to live in for families. It is a beautiful land. Hills of grass and fields of corn and wheat cover most of the land, small cities and towns are scattered throughout the land.

The main City, and capital of Rhodopis, is called Grand City, being home to both the King and Queen. This city looks somewhat like that of an old Greek city, being made of mostly neutral colours and being built in the style of ancient Greek buildings.

The royal colour is silver.

Subforums: Silverton Castle, Grand City, Pumpkin-Patch Cottage, Broomfield

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No New Posts Urla
Urla primarily consists of mountains and dense forests, and because of the cold climate, it tends to be one of the more sparsely populated Kingdoms. What little farmland can support crops has only a few short months out of the year that are warm enough to grow, and so the people of the Second Kingdom subsist mainly by hunting game and trading lumber and coal with the other Kingdoms for staple crops.

The castle is highly defensible, built into the side of a tall mountain chain with only one major road leading to the gate, its remote location makes it difficult to invade, but also easy to lay siege to. Labyrinthine catacombs have been carved deep into the heart of the mountain, however, and these can be used to get supplies in and out secretly, but they are difficult to navigate and getting lost means an almost assured death. Fresh water is provided in the form of a fast-flowing river that culminates in a waterfall that feeds out through a channel built into the castle itself.

The forests of Urla are renowned for both their beauty and their danger, for it is known that many dangerous creatures make their home in the deep woods. The people who dwell here are a hardy sort, capable of weathering the chilly weather and handling the dangerous beasts, but just in case, the castle is always open to those in need, with subjects of this Kingdom never being turned away from it's gates.

The royal colour is red.

Subforums: Dårlig Ulv Slott, Woodcutter's Village, The Deep Woods, Mountain Pass, Cold Lake, Never Land

1 7 Oct 11 2015, 04:33 AM
In: Riding Lessons -Michael Dar...
By: Michael Darling
No New Posts Symphonia
This once merry Kingdom was the home Ole King Cole and his family. The subjects would always sing and dance and the animals and humans worked to make the Kingdom a happy place but when the Sovereign took over, that was no longer the case. Now, this Kingdom is a shadow of its former self. Wooden soldiers mostly occupy it, with some famous Legends to keep the Sovereign's rule solid.
Subforums: Levity Hall, Feral City, Hamelin

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No New Posts Alabaster
The largest of the Twelve Kingdoms, This Kingdom is the oldest and truly the most beautiful of them all. Ruled by the Queen Snow White. Alabaster has a rich, deep history with many of the families dating back to the beginning of the Kingdoms along with the House White. The rich green hills and farm lands of the Alabaster make it rich in vegetation and a willing provider to the other Kingdoms for goods.

After the discovery of her husband, Prince Charming, infidelities, Queen Snow White has grown quite cold-hearted. But with the pressure of war upon the kingdoms, she knows melting her heart is the only way to win the fight. She is slowly recovering with the help of her friends and allies, King Adam and Queen Beauty.

The Kingdom's color is white.

Subforums: Castle White, Whitestone City, Miner's Village, The Greek Islands

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No New Posts Barbot
Home to numerous hills, forests and mountains, this Kingdom has to be one of the more beautiful Kingdoms. Now that the Beast (now known as Adam) has been restored to his human form, his castle is looking more magnificent than ever. King Adam has now taken to getting out of his castle and mingling with his subjects, becoming involved in their lives and becoming a better ruler in the process.

Wolves, fox, bears and badgers inhabit the forest next to Beast's castle but are very careful as to who or what they kill for food. Beauty gets touchy about that. King Adam and Queen Beauty have allied themselves with the 4th Kingdom and have regular meetings with one another.

Their colour is royal purple.

Subforums: Château de la Bête, Pittoresque, Rosedale

4 19 Oct 3 2015, 03:36 AM
In: Surprise Surprise
By: Beast
No New Posts Mageia
This is one of the most magic-filled places in all the Twelve Kingdoms. It's known, or used to be known as the Unyielding Kingdom, since it's never been invaded or taken over, that is, until The Sovereign took it over. The famous Fairy Godmother was the ruler before she left ten years ago. Now, the Kingdom has been taken over by The Sovereign. Legends such as Dorothy Gale, Gepetto, Prince Cornelius, Thumbelina and Ozma can be found here.
Subforums: Mana City, Barklyn Village, Sunset Meadows, Rainbow Lake

2 2 Jul 21 2015, 12:07 AM
In: Conceal, Don't Feel
By: Wicked Witch of the West
No New Posts Kennochlazne
This Kingdom is unique in that there are three rulers to this Kingdom - King Siegfried, Queen Odette and King Triton. These two rulers have an alliance; the land-dwellers won't attack the merfolk and in return, the merfolk help fishermen and sailors.
Subforums: The Light House, Beechwood Castle, Swan Lake, Ashville, Moonlight Forest, Fairview, Kersey Castle, Newport, The Sea

2 13 Mar 16 2014, 02:40 AM
In: A fishy tale
No New Posts Enchantera
A Kingdom where, at the center, lies a marvelous citadel, where most of the land's inhabitants reside under the rule of the now awake Queen Briar Rose. Around the Kingdom's main city, there is a wall to help keep up fortifications should any evil try and take over again.

Outside the main city there are clusters of little villages where those who prefer a quieter life reside in the countryside and wooded areas of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom's royal colour is midnight blue.

Subforums: Citadelle Enchanté

1 5 Jul 16 2015, 11:20 AM
In: A Day Off.
By: Briar Rose
No New Posts Casarina
Casarina is located in the middle of a meadow. The meadow, however, is surrounded by a thick forest. In the middle of the meadow, is the castle in which Queen Rapunzel resides. The center of the castle is the tower in which she was once trapped until her love came and rescued her from the evil enchantress. The castle is surrounded by all the kingdom's cottages.

Atalaya has seen better days, but now an ivy vine is slowly wrapping its way up the tower. The inhabitants of the kingdom are loving and carefree, knowing that their Queen is watching over them.

Casarina's royal color is Lavender.

Subforums: Loreath City, Atalaya

2 13 Aug 14 2015, 09:04 PM
In: A Noble Meeting
By: Beast
No New Posts Albion
This is the Legend version of the United Kingdom. These four countries trade with one another and marry off their children in the hopes that new alliances will be formed. Legends such as Merlin, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Bo Peep, Mary Mutton, Boy Blue, and Robin Redbreast and Jenny Wren.

Subforums: Cymru, Britannia, Alba, Éire

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No New Posts Hemerocallis
This is the Kingdom of the Frog Prince (now a King) and his beautiful wife, Lilly. Since the Prince's ascension to being a King, many of the Frogs have been given the ability to shift back and forth between human and frog. The royal colours are green and cream.
Subforums: Castle Ribbitton, Lochmere, Greensville

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No New Posts Ploceidae
The Kingdom of the Miller's daughter and the new King. Spinning wheels are now a common thing in Ploceidae. The Daughter, now a Queen has actual spinning skills and loves her children with all her heart.
Subforums: Spindledown City

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No New Posts The Jungle
Dense, lush forests that hold a striking air of mystery. The vegetation here grows all year long, hiding from the prying eyes what children live among them. The animals (and plants for that matter) are the ones with the power in these realms... and they know it. Day or night everything is teeming with life. Enter if you dare, but don't be surprised to find children that are more than a little wild.
1 2 Jun 16 2015, 03:09 AM
In: Jungle Fever
By: Beast

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No New Posts Avalon
The sacred Island of Avalon. Located in-between the Planes of Existence. Its Mists protect it from being reached by those not worthy. The fabled Mists of Avalon can manifest in any of the Kingdoms or Earth to bring those worthy or lost to the sacred Island.
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No New Posts The Shadowlands
This place is a horrible realm, filled with dark creatures that have a hunger for nothing more than killing. People banished here will need to fight for their lives to survive.
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No New Posts Fantasia
This is where the Embodiments live. It is a big realm and since no one has been to this place, it's layout and landscape are a mystery.
3 20 Jul 25 2015, 02:59 AM
In: What do you fight for?
By: Morpheus
No New Posts Candy Hollow
This is every child's dream; a world of candy!

This realm was created by Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. For a long time, this world was largely uninhabited before the Gingerbread Man, once he was given human form and candy-associated powers, came and chucked bit of sweets and other sugar-based things behind him - they turned into people. He then became mayor of Candy Hollow. Careful though, these people may seem all fun and games and happy but they can become pretty rotten when provoked or when someone discovers their dark secret.

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No New Posts Forsaken
This is a place where few have gone to, or most likely ever will. Forsaken is not a realm that is known about, even most of the Embodiments don't know it exists. Home to those who were abandoned upon creation, or forgotten, these poor Legends and other beings wait til one day they can be free and be whole, which is probably going to be never...unless someone finds them and sets them free...
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No New Posts Dreamscape
A fantastical world where anything is possible, and is a vague, shifting realm of symbol, belief, and imagination. Yet it can be dark, twisted and the existence of the worst fears imaginable. Though none of it is real, its all in the realm of the sleeping mind.
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No New Posts Gaea
This is where all the Legends living in the 1900's are. It is a parallel to Earth, except in the 1900's. Such Legends that live here are Sara Crewe, Alice Kingsley and the Darling family. The Sovereign has sent out scouts, and has deemed this realm to be his next target, as well as his two neighboring Kingdoms.
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Collapse   Earth
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No New Posts North America

Subforums: Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles

10 54 Sep 12 2015, 10:16 PM
In: Just A Bit Of Fun
By: Elizabeth Hart
No New Posts South America & Mexico

Subforums: Mexico City, Amazon

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No New Posts Europe

Subforums: London, Berlin, Paris

1 9 May 19 2015, 08:04 PM
In: I couldn't dream if you...
By: Morpheus
No New Posts Asia

Subforums: Tokyo, Hong Kong

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No New Posts The Past
Want to know how Hansel and Gretel came to be adopted by Queen Red and King Bigby or what happened to Frau Totenkinder before she became to be who she is today. Well, now you can find out by role playing the past.
1 1 May 6 2014, 06:48 PM
In: Butterflies with Good Cheer
By: Anteros

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No New Posts Archives
This is where completed and dead/unfinished things go, such as apps, events and threads
Subforums: Complete, Dead/Unfinished

55 173 Jun 4 2015, 01:43 AM
In: Activity Check
By: Jon
No New Posts Members' Corner
Where members can unwind and talk about anything.
Subforums: Gamers' Corner, Absences, Graphics, Introductions

23 14 Oct 2 2015, 01:31 AM
In: Life Sucks
By: Elizabeth Hart
No New Posts Advertisements
Post your site here
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546 219 Feb 21 2016, 08:28 AM
In: World Of Remnant
By: Saska
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